Past Exhibition

Locus I: Art and Craft of Claremont and the Region

Claremont and its surrounding regions are home to a vibrant and ever changing community of artists and craftspersons of the highest caliber. Whether drawn here to teach, to learn, or to live and work, these artists represent a rich and enduring link to the history of the region and are evidence of the continuing vitality and creative energy of contemporary artistic production. The thirteen artists selected for this exhibition are merely the “tip of the iceberg.” As such, they embody the variety and sophistication of the many artists who live and work in this region.

Partcipating artists Include:

  • Dee Marcellus Cole
  • Gary Geraths
  • Crispin Gonzalez
  • Rebecca Hamm
  • Amy Maloof
  • Chuck Moffit
  • Michael O’Malley
  • Thomas Pathé
  • Susan Rankaitis
  • Juan Thorp
  • Ruth Trotter
  • Michael Woodcock