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April 2015 Enewsletter
News and announcements about ARTpix, ARTstART, upcoming events, and the premiere of Design for Modern Living.

March 2015 Enewsletter
News and announcements about the upcoming film premiere of Design for Modern Living, upcoming events and ARTstART.

February 2015 Enewsletter
News about the documentary film Design for Modern Living, upcoming events including An Artful Evening with James Strombotne and ARTpix.

January 2015 Enewsletter
President’s Message for the upcoming year, treasurer’s report, and news of John Svenson: For the Love of Wood and the authentic Santa Lucia Winter Solstice event.

October 2014 Enewsletter
Announcements of upcoming CMA events including Padua Hills Art Fiesta, John Svenson reception and Santa Lucia Holiday Celebration; remembering sculptor Adlo Casanova, Harrison McIntosh’s exhibition HM100: A Century through the Life of Harrison McIntosh at AMOCA,  and news about the City of Claremont public art master plan.

August 2014 Enewsletter
Announcements of CMA Fall events including the upcoming Harrison McIntosh exhibit at AMOCA, HM100: A Century through the Life of Harrison, news of the OpenART studio tour in June, ARTstART activities, and an update on a documentary film about Claremont artists, currently in production.

April 2014 Enewsletter
Announcements about the upcoming exhibition ARBORETUM Comes to the Garden opening April 26, OpenART, exploring Claremont art studios on June 7, updates on educational programs and news from the Board of Directors.

February 2014 Enewsletter
President’s message, Treasurer’s report, and news about ARToon at El Roble Intermediate School, ARTstART and an Artful Evening at AMOCA.

October 2013 Enewsletter
Information on the Padua Hills Art Festival on November 3, information about 16 Architects which opens on Sunday, October 11 and a report on “A Wondrous Night” fall gala on September 21, and additional news.

August 2013 Enewsletter
Announcement of the CMA fall gala, A Wondrous Evening: Celebrating the Watercolor World of Phil Dike, information about an exhibition of sculpture Betty Davenport Ford, news about grants awarded by the Rotary Club and Los Angeles County to Project ARTstART, an ARTstART update and more.

April 2013 Enewsletter
News about ARToon; the exhibition that complemented the ARToon education program, INSIGHTS & OUTSIGHTS: The Collages and Cartoons of Paul Darrow; the unveiling of the KGI School of BioPharmacy mural; ARTstART’s visit to local museums and more.

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