Future Exhibition

The Great Perfection: Charles Long & Khang Bao Nguyen

May 3-August 18, 2024

Member Preview: Saturday, May 4, 5-6 pm

Public Opening: Saturday, May 4, 6-9 pm

Art Walks, 6-9 pm: May 4, June 1, July 6, August 3

The Great Perfection: Charles Long & Khang Bao Nguyen explores two artists’ diverse approaches to the pursuit of a nondual philosophy. Nondualism, an ancient concept rooted in Eastern philosophy and Buddhism, recognizes the true nature of reality as one of wholeness and universal consciousness. In a world that seems more fractured and disconnected than ever, these artists seek connections through their creative practices, not only between people, but between all beings and things. Nondualism offers a pathway to transcend the trappings of us and them, subject and object, within and without, while still recognizing the perception of self.

Charles Long is a mixed media sculptor living and working in Pomona, California. Known for his efforts to re-examine the tropes of modernist sculpture, his work in recent years has become more psychedelic and psychologically experimental. Works cast in bronze reveal a creative alchemy born out of a commitment to altered states of consciousness. His sculptures appear, at once, ancient and futuristic. Amorphous idols, irresistible portals and sumptuous incisions access a world beyond language where presence is favored over ideas.

Khang Nguyen is a painter and scholar of philosophy and religion. He creates abstract paintings that combine diagrammatic stability with effervescent luminosity. His heavily layered surfaces offer a space for spiritual buoyancy and balance where the symmetry of mandalas combine with the weightlessness of outer space to prompt self-reflection. Their perfectly human scale and verticality envelope the viewer opening a window into boundless realization.