ARToon kicks off with cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz visit to El Roble

ARToon!(January 25, 2013) – A new Claremont Museum of Art arts education project, called ARToon will give voice to a generation of middle school students through the art of cartooning. The program, directed by Lori Evans Lama in collaboration with El Roble Intermediate School, will launch February 5 and continue for six weekly after- school lessons culminating with a public exhibition and display on the Art Wall at the Packing House in April.

ARToon-la_cucarachaTuesday, February 5, 2:15pm – Lalo Alcaraz, creator of the daily L.A. Times syndicated “La Cucaracha” comic strip will kick off the first ARToon lesson by working with students and focusing on cartooning in a strip format.

El Roble Intermediate School, 665 N Mountain Ave, Claremont. Please pickup your visitors’ badge at the front office and you will be escorted to Art Room 803.

On site contact is Peggy Carlson, cell 909 374-1491.

An after school class of forty El Roble Intermediate School students will pick a cartoon format, develop an original character and tell a story or express their thoughts, insights and beliefs on paper in cartoon form. Students will work under the tutelage of El Roble’s art teacher, Wendy Kubiak, and will learn about some of the great cartoon artists of our time and how their cartoons have been used throughout history to communicate thoughts, opinions, commentary and ideas.

On February 12, award winning editorial cartoonist Anne Cleaves will talk about her experiences as an editorial cartoonist and present a short history of political cartooning. On February 19, comic book artist and ‘Cartoonista,’ Javier Hernandez will help students begin developing their own original stories and signature characters.

Finally, the ARToon exhibition will premiere on March 22 at El Roble. In April, a billboard-sized outdoor installation will be unveiled on the Packing House Art Wall. Watch for more details to come.

ARToon is produced solely by the Claremont Museum of Art in partnership with El Roble Intermediate School and funded by a generous donation from a CMA member and these Claremont contributors: Curtis Real Estate; Peggy A. Carlson, Wealthcare Capital Management, Inc.; Gould Asset Management, LLC.