Education Programs


  1. Growing with the Program: ARTstART Veterans Take a Bow Learn More


  1. StART It Up with ART in the Park Learn More


  1. StART it Up with ART in the Park Learn More

  2. Student images set to appear at El Roble Learn More


  1. ARTstART Presents StART It Up, a Student Art Exhibition Learn More

  2. ARToon Goes Public at The Packing House Learn More

  3. Oakmont students experience the sculpture of Betty Davenport Ford with Project ARTstART Learn More


  1. ARToon kicks off with cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz visit to El Roble Learn More


  1. Student Exhibition highlights achievements of Project ARTstART Learn More


  1. ArtX Student Art Competition Winners Announced Learn More

  2. Claremont Museum of Art Launches Pledge Drive to Fund Art Education Programs Learn More

  3. ArtX…the X is for excellence, eXtraordinary and X marks the spot for Claremont’s student artists! Learn More


  1. Inspired by Claremont Museum of Art’s Inaugural Karl Benjamin Exhibit, Claremont Schoolchildren Create Masterpieces of Their Own Learn More